Do you have your own cleaning equipment?
Our team of cleaners will arrive at your home in uniform and fully supplied with cleaning agents and equipment.

How long have you been in business?
I have owned and operated Ocean Breeze Cleaning, Inc. for 12 Years.

Do you clean windows?

Do you clean offices?
Our cleaning team can and will tackle any office. We have a number of commercial offices that we have cleaned for many years. We tend to clean offices early in the morning or late in the evening. Cleaning times can be customized to any and all office schedules.

Do you do turnover cleanings for rental houses?
We have done turnover cleanings for many years. I recommend submitting any dates you have booked to avoid over booking. I will let you know if we are booked and need to find another cleaner or I will arrange for another crew to help with your permission.

Do you use green cleaning supplies?
Yes, we are introducing green products.

Are cleaning supplies included in the cost?
We have a rate per hour and the cleaning supplies are included in the cost.

Do you do laundry?
We are happy to do your laundry. This is something that is discussed and planed out when the initial hiring is done.

Do you clean year round?
We have been a year round cleaning company for 12 years. I have found that more homes have requested that a monthly cleaning be done. This is the time homeowners have chosen to do an open house cleanings. We tackle a floor at a time and go through very thoroughly. This lessens the stress to open the house all at once in spring.

Do you do construction cleanings?
We do both pre and post construction cleaning. If requested we will work with decorators and or contractors to set up a home as well.

What do you do when you open a house?
Opening a home after being shut down for the winter. This is the time to wash everything inside and out from top to bottom. We get into cabinetry, dishes we wash linens and outdoor furniture.
Open house cleaning is also specific to each home and homeowner. We will accommodate each owner to his or her demands.

What do you do to close a house?
I find it most important to cover all furniture, close all window coverings, cover all artwork and pictures as well as bag linens and pillows. This is not the case for all homes and so again closing a home is done by homeowners request.

What are your rates?
We have a number of different rates. Every home is different and has different uses. In an initial intake meeting we will go over how the house is used and a general walk though. At this time a rough estimate of hours to clean will be given.

Here are some examples:
• General weekly cleanings
• Turn over cleaning
• Maid service or daily service
• Opening and Closing cleaning
• Dry cleaning service

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